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May 1, 2021

Let me ask you a question: How long have you been in the real estate business? When you started, did you sit down and make a business plan? It always surprises me to see how many agents do not treat real estate as a proper business!

Starting a business takes work. It takes planning, preparation, goal setting, accountability and continued investment towards the future of the business. Nobody starts a successful business overnight. It takes time, patience and, again, lots of PLANNING.

Have you thought of yourself as a business owner, because that is exactly what you are. As a real estate agent, you are CEO of your own business. As such, it is important that you set yourself up for success.

Here is my challenge for you this week:

  1. Take my online ‘Bulletproof Business Plan’ course.

  2. Sit down and plan out the next 12 months (remember to allow for detours).

  3. Ask yourself, “am I a downer, dreamer, or doer?”

  4. Ask yourself about your “head trash” (useless/negative thoughts or activities which are eating away at

    your time) and then work toward removing this trash.

  5. Write your profit/Loss statement.

  6. Create your 1 page business plan and post it somewhere you will see everyday.

Remember to challenge yourself to consistently train your brain to do things that make you uncomfortable in order to develop mental toughness. Ask yourself what you can start doing today that your future self will thank you for, and start planning your success!

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June 1, 2021

“If we want to direct our lives, we must take control of our consistent actions. It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently.”- Tony Robbins

How many of us go through a list of things we’d like to get done tomorrow or this week, and by the weekend we feel a pang of guilt that we didn’t do any of it, or at least not as much as we meant to? Trust me, I am a mom of two boys, one of which has had consistent health issues since he was just a baby. Hamudi and I run

a busy life… just like all parents! I have learned that organization and routine are vital for my success and my sanity! Hamudi and I have made a daily routine which we rarely deviate from. We have planned everything, from waking or taking breaks, to family time! If you have kids, then you will remember that stage when they were tiny and brand new. Remember how very important schedules were when it came to ensuring that everything ran as smoothly as possible? Life is no different!

Believe me, I am no super mom, nor do I claim to be! I realize that everyone experiences things very differently and what may work for myself and my family may not work for you. I am not here to judge! But I do want to highlight how finding a routine that works for you, a routine that is not only realistic for your current situation, but that is sustainable and goal oriented, can be vital to being successful. Because, like Tony Robbins said, it’s what we do consistently that shapes our lives.

I encourage you this week to do a couple of things:

  1. Discuss your goals with your loved ones: Business goals, family/home life goals, and personal goals.

  2. Write down your goals. Ask yourself if your personal goals and professional goals are in alignment.

  3. Write down a strategy on how you can accomplish these goals; a) short term changes- steps you can

    implement NOW (Daily/weekly tasks), b) In the next 3-6 months, where do you need to be, and what steps can you start taking at that time?, c.) In 12 months from now, where will you want to be and what steps should you implement at that time?

  4. After you’ve planned out your goals and detailed the action steps necessary to get there, use this as a guideline for making your daily schedule. Implement your short term tasks into your schedule and hold yourself accountable to doing them consistently.

  5. Try sticking to this schedule for a week without deviating. Can you do another week? How about a month? Did you know it takes at least 2 months of consistent behavior to create a habit?

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July 1, 2021

I recently hosted a Lunch and Learn during my trip to Oklahoma. In the past, I hosted these events weekly, and whether I was speaking to a room of twenty agents interested in joining eXp, or just two agents who are already with the company, I always felt that these events were energy well spent.

Over the course of my years spent doing lunch and learns, I have picked up a few key tricks to making these events a success.

  1. Consistency is Key! I have found that hosting one lunch and learn every week is a very beneficial way to attract more agents. Whether you choose to host the event in the same location each week, or to move around to different areas, consistency will help you in not only gaining attendance but also will aid you in mastering the flow of the lunch and learn. I suggest hosting a lunch and learn consistently on the same day each week.

  2. Partner with Other Agents in Your Area! If you are hosting a lunch and learn, you may find it helpful to partner with another agent in your area. Using a sign up sheet, such as a google form, to track who attends and who sponsored each attendee, you can easily partner with other agents

without the threat of “Poaching” agents from one another. It is important to have integrity and only follow up with the agents that you personally invited to the event. When partnering with other agents, you can divide the work. It is important to be comfortable explaining your brokerage prior to the Lunch and Learn! If you have a partner, you can decide which one is most comfortable your brokerage to do the presentation.

  1. Get a Sponsor! Reach out to companies who would benefit from getting in front of a group of real estate agents so that there is value on their end as well. You can even have the sponsor speak for a couple of minutes before your break during the lunch and learn. Look for a sponsor which will provide value to the agents attending as well, i.e, A title company.

  2. Choose a Convenient Location! When hosting this type of event, the location can be a key element in the event’s success. Make sure you are choosing a location with reasonable prices, a quiet atmosphere in a central location, The location should have a strong WIFI connection as well as plenty of space to set up the tools you need during the event.

  3. Advertise Your Event! Advertising properly is going to be very important when you host a Lunch and Learn! Keep in mind, we cannot pay for ads for this type of event. The best tool I have found is to create a Facebook event. You can also use Create your event and then invite all agents in the area. Ask agents to invite others. You can also reach out to other agents from your brokerage in the area and ask them to come and bring others (keep in mind we are here to help each other grow, not steal opportunities for sponsorship). Email, text and call with reminders leading up to the event. Feature the sponsor on your advertising, as well as any guest speakers and the value add (for instance ‘How to Generate 100 Leads in 10 days). Be transparent with your advertising, do not create a ‘Bait and switch’. If you are using a Lunch and Learn to grow your brokerage, make sure they know there will be a presentation on your brokerage during the lunch.

  4. Add Value to Your Event!It is important to add value to your event by offering training or information that is useful to all real estate agents, regardless of whether they are affiliated with your brokerage or not! Again, it is best to make sure that you are providing an expectation for the lunch and learn- the first part will be dedicated to whatever topic you are teaching, such as “Script Mastering”, and the last half will be an eXp explained. I suggest the Lunch and Learn be set up something like this: first 30 minutes focusing on your topic or “value add”, give the sponsor a few minutes to speak to the group prior to a short break, then after break there will be a 30 minute presentation on your brokerage, if applicable.

August 1, 2021

“The path to success is to take MASSIVE, DETERMINED action.” – Tony Robbins

If you follow me on any platform, or if you have taken any of our online courses, you may have noticed something about me…I tend to quote my mentors…a lot! If not, here are a few…just in case you missed out:

“Your background and circumstances may have influenced who you are, but YOU are responsible for WHO YOU BECOME.” -Darren Hardy

“Your GREATNESS is limited only by the INVESTMENTS YOU MAKE IN YOURSELF.” – Grant Cardone

“If you want to be SUCCESSFUL, find someone who has achieved the results you want, and COPY WHAT THEY DO and you will achieve the same results.” – Tony Robbins

“You are what you eat”…and I am not just talking about your veggies! What you feed your mind on a day to day basis is extremely crucial to the outcome of your life, and success! A few years back, my husband, Hamudi, and I made a decision which impacted our lives enormously. We made a commitment, to ourselves and our two boys, to make a huge investment into our personal growth. What did that look like? Well, for us it was investing a lot of time and money into programs, books, conventions…anything and everything we could get our hands on to empower our lives. From little things, like reading and listening to every book and podcast we could get our hands on, to major LIFE ALTERING things, like attending Tony Robbins UPW- Unleash the Power Within  and Business Mastery, we immersed ourselves in seeking knowledge and inspiration at every opportunity! We consistently sought opportunities to improve and expand. I can honestly say that the commitment to this self-empowerment journey has shifted the course of our lives more than almost any other decision we have made. Not only has it helped us unlock levels of success in our business lives that we may have only dreamed of in the past, but it has made us closer and more in tune with each other in our personal lives as well!

As I am sure you have heard me say more than once, “If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room” (yes…more quotes). It is important to surround yourself with people who have what you want, or have achieved something you wish to achieve, and to become a KNOWLEDGE SPONGE, putting your ego aside and asking questions and LISTENING to the answers/following advice. Not everyone will have the same opportunity to attend major conventions to hear their mentors speak, I realize that. If there is ANY way to make that happen, even if you have to make sacrifices, I would highly recommend that you do so…However, maybe that is just not realistic for where you are at RIGHT NOW and that is okay (Make that a goal for the future…a year from now, can you make it work then?).

However, there are things that EVERYONE can do, no matter where you’re at in your journey.

Action steps:

1. Make a list of people who inspire you. If you don’t have your eyes on any public figures, might I suggest you start with my top 4: Tony Robbins, Darren Hardy, John Maxwell and Grant Cardone.

2. Turn your car into an inspirational audio book/podcast oasis. The time you spend in your car doesn’t have to be wasted time. Invest in Audible or use old school books on tape. This is the best time to utilize when you think you are too busy to read.

3. Commit a certain amount of time EVERYDAY to learning something new from your mentor. 15 minutes, 1 chapter before bed, whatever time you may choose is up to you, but you have to commit yourself to doing it EVERY SINGLE DAY.

4. Seek out opportunities to learn and connect with those who are more successful than you, or who have what you want. Don’t be shy about asking for advice, most people want to help others. Remember, they had to start somewhere too.

5. Remember “ego is not your amigo”…. actively work against your fears of looking/feeling a certain way. Integrating these small steps into your daily routine (see last week’s newsletter) will make a huge difference toward achieving your goals.

Book Suggestions:

1. Grant Cardone ‘The 10X Rule

2. Darren Hardy ‘The Compound Effect’

3. John Maxwell ‘Leader Shift’

4. ANYTHING BY TONY ROBBINS…Literally anything.

September 1, 2021

Over the past couple of months, we’ve covered quite a bit of information regarding the effort it takes to become successful. I touched on the importance of routine and consistency, the power of a hunger for knowledge through mentorship, I’ve discussed the need for proper planning and the fact that, as a real estate agent, you are the CEO of your own business- the success of which falls on you. I also have given you all some homework via my “Action Steps” each week.

Here is a review: Enroll in and commit to the Agent Success Kickstarter Discuss goals with loved ones

Write out steps to achieve these goals.

Make and STICK TO a daily routine, with your goals in mind.

Make a list of your mentors/people who inspire you and seek to learn from them.

Use your travel time in the car for learning- audiobooks, podcasts, etc.

Network with those who have what you want, and mimic their habits.

Enroll in the Bulletproof Business Plan course.

Make your business plan for the next 12 months/Plan for detours.

Write your profit/loss statement.

Create your 1 page vision/plan for your business and post it where it can be looked at it daily.

Now for a tough question: Did you do any of this, or did you simply read the emails and move on with your day, forgetting to make changes? Maybe you started to do some of it, but as the week wore on, you forgot or “got too busy” or “too tired” and then simply abandoned the effort you had started to make.

Listen, I am as guilty as anyone of good intentions! Good intentions will never yield great results.

“Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to result.”-Bob Proctor

For those of you who did not take action, or follow through, my question is why not? What held you back from making the simple weekly changes? It is very easy for all of us to point to something that kept us from doing the things we intended to do, ESPECIALLY if children are involved… Hello! I can point to my two little guys and nobody would challenge the fact that I couldn’t get around to something because as a mom, my plate is already full! Trust me…I GET IT! …However, this mindset can open a rabbit hole of excuses and letting ourselves off the hook where we should be holding ourselves accountable! Because, if we are being honest with ourselves, we rarely can say we utilized every moment of our week to the best of our ability…and that is human nature, no judgement here!

The point I am trying to get across is that it’s easy to place blame for our lack of commitment on anyone or Question and answers from agents within our group. Select anything other than where the blame ultimately belongs. OURSELVES. Lack of holding ourselves accountable for our own actions will ultimately make change impossible. The only thing in life we truly have any control over is ourselves! As cliche as that may sound, if we can’t take control of our own lives how could we ever hope to control our business? If I had dropped the ball every time I felt busy/overwhelmed/tired, I would never be in the position I am today!

I’ve talked a lot about consistency and building daily habits, minor changes that will propel your life toward success. Nobody is here to force you to do anything, it is the glory of being an adult…but also what makes things so much more complicated. We have to find it within ourselves to make the changes and to continue making the choice to change and improve EVERY SINGLE DAY. No parents here to make us do our homework… The decision to consistently make an effort to change is all on you.. And, at the end of the day, if we haven’t changed anything, nothing is going to change.

Action Steps:

Review the action steps from the last couple of months, and take action on them

Write a list of your excuses or things that may be holding you back and work through them

Write a short entry in your journal in the morning- what are your goals for the day Write a short entry in your journal before bed- did I meet my goals, why or why not, how can I improve for tomorrow.

Work against the mindset of being a victim of circumstance by holding yourself accountable.

Find an accountability partner if needed, and ask them to check in with you and your goals.

November 5, 2021

5 Ways to be Intentional with Your Business Going into 2022.

Are you ready to increase profitability in 2022? What if I told you that the practices you implement over the next 90 days will affect your business profitability as we go into the next year?

Like many of you, I am a busy wife and mom juggling married and family life, holidays and the crazy market while trying to run a business. 

And that’s exactly what we are as real estate agents, we are business owners. But many of us do not run our real estate career as a business. 

Here are 5 things that you do to start being more intentional with your career as you make your way into 2022.

1. Write down your ‘WHY’:

Do you remember why you originally became a real estate agent? Was it time freedom? Financial freedom? Maybe you were hoping to have more control over your own outcome or help your parents retire. 

Whatever the reason you got into the business, is that what continues to drive you today? Are you living the reality of the goals you had for yourself when you first started out? 

Write down your ‘Why’ and keep it handy, go over it and re-evaluate it often. And remember, as Tony Robbins likes to say, “Your why should make you cry”…it needs to be BIG, EMOTIONAL, and substantial to drive you toward your goals every single day- even when times get hard!

2. Treat your business like you’re the CEO:

It is important to realize that you are in charge of your business. Ask yourself this question: If you were CEO of your business, would you hire yourself based on your current performance? Why or why not? It is time to start being intentional with your business. Do you have a business plan or are you flying by the seat of your pants, day by day? A plan is a MUST for a successful business. Would you start out on a cross country road trip without a destination in mind or a plan set in place? At very least you would have a guideline and timeline with a final destination!

Are you a business owner, or a business operator? If you are not scaling your business to a degree that it would continue to grow if you step away, then you are a business operator…not a business owner. If you are chasing transaction after transaction and dependent solely on you as an individual, then if you left it would die.

To help  you start being more intentional with your business, sit down and write a one page business plan which you can review everyday. Post it in your office, keep it visible. 

Other things to consider: How can you start leveraging your time? Are there things in your business you would consider “Busy Work” which keep you from being able to make real impactful changes? A lot of agents will use time as an excuse, but we all get the same 24 hours a day…some of the most successful people have simply mastered the art of leveraging time. What activities can you outsource that would help you free yourself up for the more important tasks? It could be that you need to hire a transaction coordinator and virtual assistant. Maybe starting to utilize drip campaigns and systems which will help automate your business.

3. Take the time to Self Evaluate Daily

Sometimes when you are in a rut and chasing deals, you are not taking time to evaluate what the next step should be. Maybe you are so comfortable that you aren’t looking for the next step. 

To become laser focused in our business: either time block your schedule or add a priority task list for every single day to accomplish.

Start keeping a daily journal which you write in every AM. You will write out your goals for the day, what you need to accomplish etc. And then you will re-evaluate in the evening to make note of what you have accomplished vs areas which you could improve. Really evaluate where you are spending your time, as well as what is taking up the most headspace and causing you anxieties and stress. Come up with a plan for the future to help you cope better and be more productive. 

Download a habit tracker which will help you commit to changes and make new habits. Remember, on average it takes 90 days for something to become habit! 

Remember: The number one reason most of us fail is because of our own mindset. 

Strategy and How to is only 20% mindset is 80% of success.

We become what we think about. 

4. Harvest your current relationships while sowing new seeds: 

While it is always important to be seeking new leads, it is equally if not sometimes more important to make sure you are harvesting and nurturing the relationships you currently have. Here are some ways to make sure you are able to stay in front of new leads while also nurturing your relationships. 

Have a set amount of meaningful conversations each day. 

Add 10 new facebook friends a day and connect with them personally. Use this to build connections. You can do the same on LinkedIN.

Coffee shop conversation: go to a local coffee shop and pay for 10 or 15 coffees, whatever  you can afford, and then strike up conversations with those who come by to thank you.

Send out private happy birthday messages and videos. Make it more personal and memorable.

Utilize a CRM (Client Relations Management) System to help you organize and stay in front of your leads. You can even set up smart campaigns or “Drip” campaigns which will 

help you by sending texts and emails on your behalf.

5. Power Hour and SMART Goals: 

Power hour is an hour set aside specifically for CALLING your leads. You should have a committed time to prospect every single day, and have intentional conversations with people. New and existing leads, etc. Call with the intent to ask for business or referral. You need to nurture your database, even if you are not going after new leads/cold calls.

Start power hour first thing in the morning because many of us dread making those calls, so if you wake up and the first hour of your day is spent making that POWER HOUR, you will feel empowered for the rest of your day. If you put it off, you will dread it all day.

Set realistic expectations based on data from conversion rates.

Set SMART GOALS- Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely.

Start making these changes NOW, and you will reap the rewards early in 2022. Remember your current reality is a result of the work you put in 90 days ago…think of where you would like to be in 90 days from now!

For more, Check out my BULLETPROOF BUSINESS PLAN and use coupon code AgentPartner when checking out to access the course for free!

Dec. 8, 2021

This morning, I sat down with some of the top real estate agents in the business to discuss what mistakes we foresee top real estate agents and brokers will be making in 2022. Here is a summary of our list, but click to watch the full interview!

4 mistakes agents and top producers will make in 2022, and how to avoid them.

  1. Being “Too Busy” to know your numbers and seek new opportunities.

Top producers are very busy, running a team, getting deals, writing contracts etc and not paying attention to how the back end of our office is being run- not running it like a business. Agents know their commission split, but they don’t realize what that means in terms of how much money they are actually paying in per year. Be mindful of the math.

Agents get excited doing what they’re doing, but we don’t take ownership about what happens on the back end. Make it a point to go to your brokerage and ask for your November numbers, to see how much of the money you are creating is going toward your brokerage. Awareness of where your money is going. Last November, Jaybee looked at her numbers and realized that she had been paying over $100,000 a year into her brokerage!

2. Looking for new opportunities.

“Opportunity doesn’t go away, it just moves on to the next person”. Have an open mind and think for yourself when you are presented with opportunities. Investing in yourself and your personal growth, and saying yes when opportunities present themselves. Watch out for limiting beliefs. Do your research, when you find a new opportunity, it will help you be open minded and really see what is being presented to you. If you aren’t willing to look into opportunities then you are closed minded and will struggle to grow past the comfort zone. Start being more purposeful with your goals, and you will get more clarity on what is going to help you reach them.

3. Getting “too comfortable” to move forward.

If you are going through life in an average way, you are going to get average results. Moving away from your comfort zone in order to grow. Ruben says they add a promise to someone else, an accountability partner, who will hold you to the goal. Add a calendar date to when you are going to get the goal done in order to be more purposeful about moving out of your comfort zone. Take your blinders off and look at what is in the best interest of yourself and your agents. Stop building your own walls as to why you shouldn’t take action. 

If we don’t understand something, you will be afraid of it. Finding clarity on what your next move is is important in order to eliminate the fear factor of moving into the unknown. Build your own bridge to the next goal. “Rip off the bandaid” there will never be the “Right” time to make major changes! Sit down and write a pros and cons list for your goals and opportunities for 1 year, 5 years and 10 years. Make sure you are still aligned with your goals in both personal and professional life. Maybe what has you so comfortable in your business is actually no longer serving you.

4. Don’t let your EGO get in the way. 

I love to say “Ego is not your amigo”. This means that if you want to grow, if you want to be humbled, if you want to find new opportunities and new relationships, you HAVE to leave your ego at the door and realize that it is not about you. If you aren’t willing to admit that you might not be at the best place at the moment, and you are not willing to even look at new opportunities, then you may be being led by your ego. You have to be able to step back and say to yourself that you may not really know everything there is to know, and be open minded enough to take a good look at changing the way you do things.